About Us

A community of real Motorsport & Muscle Car FANS

At TUFF Collectables, our mission is to provide the muscle car and motorsport community, with the highest quality range of collectables available. Since our inception as a Facebook community in 2017, we have proudly built one of the most exciting and genuine online communities, with over 250,000 passionate muscle car and motorsport fans alike.

As a family-run website, we have developed a deep respect for the cars and enthusiasts of all eras. We understand the need for a community that wholeheartedly supports Australian motorsport and muscle cars, and we are committed to fulfilling that need. 

Through our platform, you can connect with others who understand and appreciate the exhilaration and beauty of these iconic vehicles. With every story we tell, every news update we share, and every collectable we provide, we strive to preserve the spirit of Australian motorsport and muscle cars. 

Together, we can celebrate history, embrace the present, and look forward to a future where our passion continues to thrive.