Blown V8 Lamborghini Countach Drag Car

2023-06-11 13:30:00

Blown V8 Lamborghini Countach Drag Car
The Alf Sciacca Racing supercharged Lamborghini Countach is certainly a vehicle that brings about strong opinions.

Competing in the Supercharged Outlaws category of the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series, it is a topic of fascination for fans, whether they love it or love to hate it. 

Sciacca and his son, Alf Jr, have captivated audiences with its performance on the drag strip. In the realm of race cars, this Lamborghini stands out as one of the most outrageous examples. 

When you first see the title "LAMBORGHINI BLOWN V8 DRAG CAR," it immediately catches your attention. Thoughts race through your mind as you contemplate the unique characteristics of this extraordinary machine.

The unconventional engine placement comes to the forefront of your thoughts. Most cars feature engines in the front, but Lamborghinis defy the norm by housing their powerful engines in the middle or rear of the vehicle. 

However, your expectations are shattered as your gaze falls upon the formidable supercharger proudly mounted at the front. 

It becomes evident that this is no ordinary Lamborghini, it is a drag car transformed with a fibreglass Countach shell enveloping a purpose-built racing tube chassis, all propelled by a monstrous blown V8 engine. 

Love it or hate it, this combination of components is a daring and impressive engineering achievement.

Check out Fast Performance Videos footage of the Alf Sciacca Racing Blown Lamborghini clocking 7.27 @ 191 mph at Sydney Dragway.


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