Cause of fire that ripped through the Monster Mustang

2023-06-17 19:15:00

Cause of fire that ripped through the Monster Mustang
Tickford Racing CEO Tim Edwards has confirmed that the fire that ripped through Cam Waters' Tickford Racing Ford Mustang was caused by a loose fuel fitting.

Can Waters, who began Race 13 from the front after setting an impressive pole lap, initially observed the flames in the footwell while leading on the fourth lap in the first race of the weekend at the betr Darwin Triple Crown at Hidden Valley Raceway.

“I got a good start, car was feeling really good, then going down the front straight I had a fire in my footwell, and thought this isn’t going to be good.” Waters said.

“By the time I got to (Turn) 1, I had to get out.”

“The bonnet had like a weird flap into the last corner but I just thought I hit something and then, um yeah, it was on fire down the front straight.”

“Then when I got to Turn 1 the engine had shut off and had a long peddle and there was fire everywhere, so at that point I just had to bail and find a fire extinguisher and get it put out.”

There is no indication that the cause of the fire is a recurrence of the problem experienced by Nick Percat and James Courtney with their Ford Mustangs, both of whom encountered separate "thermal incidents" at the Australian Grand Prix in March.

"An investigation into the Car 6 fire incident in Darwin is underway," a Supercars spokesman said.

"Most importantly, Cam Waters safely walked away from the incident unharmed. Following an initial inspection, led by Supercars, Tickford and Herrod Performance Engines, the fire appears to have been caused by a fuel fitting coming loose and is not related to previous fires experienced in the 2023 Championship."

Tickford Racing are now in a race against the clock as they attempt to rebuild the Monster Ford ahead of Sunday's qualifying at 9:30am local time/10:00am AEST.


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