Craziest V8 Supercars pit stop moments EVER

2023-09-12 19:00:00

Craziest V8 Supercars pit stop moments EVER
In the wild and wonderful world of Supercars, pit stops can be a sight to behold. While they're normally uneventful, and they're only meant to take seconds, pit stops don't always work out as planned. 

An efficient pit stop can make all the difference to the leader board, and a bad pit stop can break a race wide open.

The Repco Supercars Championship, formally the Australian Touring Car Championship, is the premier motorsport category in Australasia. It's the best touring car category in the world, and it's also been responsible for some of the strangest pit stops in history.

This YouTube video looks at the most memorable pit stops over the years, from the time Nick Percat's car caught fire to the chaos that ensued when Ash Walsh's wheel flew away.

Sit back and watch the fun from the safety of your armchair:

0:00 - Nick Percat at NTI Townsville 500

Nick Percat's car actually caught fire during NTI Townsville 500. A massive ball of flame emerged from the back half of the car, and Nick took a while to realise what was going on. As Nick's car hit the ground and headed towards the race track, the pit crew worked hard to extinguish the fire. A big fuel spill was responsible, with the feed line coupling coming off and Nick's exhaust lighting the fuse as he accelerated forward.

1:37 - Ash Walsh at Gold Coast 600

Chaos ensued when Ash Walsh's wheel came off at Gold Coast 600. Driving Tim Slade's car, his right rear wheel parted company with the rest of the vehicle, and other drivers didn't know how to react. As the brake disk and rotor broke, the wheel flew from the car and the back end dropped to the ground. Brad Jones Racing was handed a $5,000 fine and deducted 30 Supercars teams' championship points for the incident.

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