Waters Mustang ready after all-night rebuild

2023-06-18 09:00:00

Waters Mustang ready after all-night rebuild
Cam Waters is set to compete on Sunday at the Betr Darwin Triple Crown following an overnight repair undertaken by Tickford Racing, which persisted until 3:30 am.

During Race 13 at the betr Darwin Triple Crown held at Hidden Valley Raceway, Waters had started from the front position after an outstanding pole lap. Unfortunately, while leading on the fourth lap, Waters noticed flames in the footwell of his car.

Waters was leading the race as a fire rapidly engulfed his car, forcing him to pull over between Turns 1 and 2. This unfortunate incident resulted in Waters experiencing his first Did Not Finish (DNF) since May 2021 and provided an opportunity for Mark Winterbottom to secure a memorable victory.

Tickford Racing CEO Tim Edwards confirmed that the fire, which ravaged Cam Waters' Tickford Racing Ford Mustang, had been caused by a loose fuel fitting.

Following the incident, Tickford Racing found themselves in a frantic race against time to rebuild the Monster Ford before Sunday's qualifying session.

After 12 straight hours of rebuild, the team Tickford Racing Team pulled off the unthinkable. The Monster Energy Mustang will be back on the grid today at full noise!

Check out the timelapse of this incrdible all-night rebuild:

Supercars will hit the track this morning for back-to-back qualifying.

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