Corruptt ’68 Mustang With A Twin-Turbo Ferrari Engine

2023-04-22 00:00:00

Corruptt ’68 Mustang With A Twin-Turbo Ferrari Engine
We are all familiar with the film Ford vs. Ferrari! A story that shows the epic battle between fierce rivals the Ford Motor Company & Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Five decades later, these 2 worlds have united to create the Corruptt Mustang!

American Legends

Tony Arme is the builder, owner & designer behind the Corruptt Mustang. Tony and his team at American Legends have built an array of award-winning rides and are known for modifying and crafting some of the world’s most incredible muscle cars.

The Build Journey

The car started as a stock yellow 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe and was owned by Tony for around 16 years.

The majority of the exterior body work was done over a decade ago. This included all kinds of custom metalwork, a 2.5-inch roof chop, custom front & rear sheet metal, and much more. The chassis then sat in storage for years without progress.

However, late in 2017 the car was sent off for media blasting and stripped back to bare metal. It was then pushed into the American Legends workshop ready for its epic transformation.

Under the hood

Under the hood is a twin-turbo Ferrari F136 4.2-litre V8 engine. The bottom end is from a F430 however, given that the F430 it is a mid-engine car, the intake manifold wouldn’t work. As a result, the intake manifold was replaced with a Ferrari California and modified to allow for a more conventional Holley fuel rail and injector deal. The Nelson Racing twin-turbo setup took a standard 483 hp of power and boosted the output to the range of 700 hp. It is controlled through a stand alone AMP EFI computer from MS3Pro.

Supercar Interior

The detail in the interior is incredible and perfectly ties the theme of the car together. The colour scheme, gauges and the exposed pedal assembly really gives this muscle car a raw supercar feel.

Although there would be plenty of Ford Mustang purists that would not be happy with the notion of their favourite pony car having an Italian engine, everyone would have to agree that the team at American Legends have created arguably the best American muscle/exotic hybrid in existence.

Behind the scenes

You can check out the full build journey of the Corruptt Mustang on their Facebook Page.

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